Sunday, 23 May 2010

2012 Project

This project began looking at the cold war, I began going into the understanding of the paranoia that had built up between the US and the Soviet Union about fear of nuclear war. During theses years of strong paranoia the government gave out safety precautions, they were guides to help the public to survive a nuclear bomb. The guide "Protect and Survive" by the Home Office would help people to understand what might happen during a nuclear attack also the effects after the attack this would have shown them how they could be safer if this was to happen.
Protect and Survive told safety message such as "when a H-bomb explodes get into cover hide behind a lamp post or lay on the ground with your hands covering your face." Also the guide mentions about the effects of radiation it mentions if fall-out radiation falls onto your body just to brush it off, at the time this was given out it was very serious. Now looking back on this it is very dead pan, which I wanted to in tie with my paranoia survival guide.

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